You work hard to craft your content, so why not make it work a little harder for you? As small business owners, time and resources are always limited, which is why your content needs to last longer than a single post.

What Does Repurposing Content Mean?

When we talk about repurposing content, we don’t mean just re-posting the same 3 posts repeatedly. What we mean by this concept is taking well-performing content and adding new value that is useful for your audience.

Why Should Your Business Be Doing It?

In the age of content overload, this is a fantastic way to work with your business’s strengths and get more mileage out of your evergreen content without adding more noise to the internet. This strategy will not only save you time and money in the long run, but will also encourage you to keep past blogs, articles, and videos up to date; something that your customers will truly appreciate.

Examples of Repurposing Content


Let’s start with one of the easiest pieces of content to re-use and re-purpose. Repost your blog posts. Re-posting well performing blogs that contain relevant information on new channels is an easy first step. It is important to review your blogs before reposting to ensure your content is still relevant, and that they contain up-to-date information and resources. Create social posts. You can also take key concepts from your blog and turn them into separate social media posts. This strategy is two-fold. Social networks favor posts that keep users within the platform, and by parcelling out your blog information into a complete post, customers can get all the information without leaving the platform. The second piece of this strategy is the ease of use and consistency of your social media content schedule. By creating posts from your blog, you can easily fill your schedule with relevant content, that you know your customers already enjoy. Past blogs can serve as excellent scripts for new videos and podcasts. You’ve already done the heavy lifting by researching your blog or article, why not add visuals to create a brand-new piece of content. Use your blog as a starting point for a podcast or add imagery to create a fantastic video.

Social Posts

Insights from your social posts are easy to find and can easily show your business which posts performed best. Why not capitalize on a concept that you know your audience is already interested in? Create an article from a post. Drawing inspiration from well performing posts is a great way to continue the success. Use your post as a jumping off point, and if your post has comments, you can use those to guide the direction you take the article. Transform your posts into an infographic. Have a group of similar posts? Transform the imagery into a cohesive infographic. There are plenty of online generators, or you can always hire a graphic designer to get the job done. (Shameless Ello plug).


Make your positive reviews work for you. You already know how important your positive reviews are, why not turn them into graphics, or feature them on your website? Sharing your testimonials in a visually appealing way not only fills your content schedule but also helps increase your social proof for future clients. Start with finding your reviews. The first step is to find your reviews, these can be on Facebook, Google, or other review websites. (See our article on Reputation Management to find an easy way to do this). Make them beautiful. Once you have your positive reviews, create a great graphic featuring the review, and post to your social networks, or feature on your website.


Transcribe your videos into blogs. If you have videos that have performed well, a great way to recycle the content is to listen to your video, transcribe it, and reformat it to a blog post. Snip your video into shorter, bite-sized pieces. If you have a longer video, a great way to repurpose it is to trim it down for social. With everyone’s ever-decreasing attention span, this is a simple way to share the best parts of your video and keep your audience interested.

Deciding What Content Should Be Repurposed

Identify your goals. When it comes to repurposing content, you must look at what content is going to guide your customers to complete your end goal. Whether that is a purchase, a sign up, or a free trial, your end goals should drive the type of content you are creating, (Credit to Brittany Berger, read her full interview here). Analyze your purchase funnel. Look at where your customers are coming from, and what stage of the purchase funnel you are creating your content for. Start with the topic and format of the content that has helped you achieve your goal in the past. Dig through your analytics and determine which topics and format types have led your customers to complete your goal. Go for the quick win. Analyze which channels haven’t seen your successful content, that have your target audience. Whether it is social media, email marketing, or your website, look at what channels are untapped for your audience. Repurpose content specifically for the channel you are trying to leverage. Whether it’s repurposing a blog to a video so that it works best for Facebook or pairing a tip with a beautiful image for Instagram, learn what content is performing best for which platform. This practice can guide what format your content is presented in so that it works best for that channel. Ask yourself if your content has value on its own. Will the audience on your repurposed channel get a complete thought? If someone needs to go to the original blog post, or video to understand what your Facebook post is talking about, you need to rethink your content. Each piece of repurposed content should be able to stand on its own and add value to your customer.

Build Repurposing into Your Original Content Creation Process

A handy way to repurpose your content is to build your new content with this concept in mind. When you start with the end goal in mind, you can save yourself time by creating multiple pieces of content at once. For example. When you are creating a video, save your assets separately so you can build an infographic or social post afterwards. While you are captioning your video, save the transcript and repurpose it to a blog. While you are editing, save shorter snippets of the video for future use.

Keep Your Content Evergreen

An important factor in repurposing your content is keeping it up to date, and accurate. Build a review process into your workflow so that you go backwards periodically to review your past work. Things as simple as updating your graphics to stay on-trend and checking for broken links will keep your content relevant longer.

Tools for the Job

Automated tools can make repurposing content far easier. Using tools like Meet Edgar can make repurposing your content more manageable as they will automatically comb through your past content, and auto-post past post that have done well. Analytics matter. For our clients, we offer executive reports that provide detailed information about their social posts and website analytics and can help analyze what performed best. Another option for digital analytics is to go directly through platforms like Facebook and Google.

How Ello Can Help

We know that content creation can be time consuming, and frustrating. That is why we offer social posting and content creation services. Our team is happy to break down your analytics, and help you determine what content works for your business. If you would like more information, contact our team!

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